Gorilla, Wildlife and the Chimpanzee safari 10 days

By Calah Moira

This safari will include visiting Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Lake Mburo National Park.

Below are some of the must see animals such as Chimpanzees, Mountain gorillas, Crocodiles, Giraffes, Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Buffaloes, Zebras, Antelopes, Hippos, Elephants, Birding, Butterflies, Monitor Lizards,  Otters and many others. Experience the pearl of Africa with Insight safari holidays.

Day 1 Murchison Falls National Park:
We leave Kampala early morning and head to Murchison Falls. Along the way we provide bottled water to quench your thirst as you delight in the beautiful scenery of the area. Our first stop is on the top of the falls as we enjoy our packed lunch, we shall be enjoying the great sounds of Catch a glance at lions in Murchison Falls National Parkthe Nile falling down close to 43 meters via a 7 meter gorge. The most exciting thing is to see the ground shake due to the too much power of the falls.

Right after seeing the fascinating falls, we hit the road and get to our desired lodge. These range from upscale to budget and among these include Paraa lodge, Chobe lodge and Red chilli. After checking in, you may decide to rest or go swimming in the pool as you delight in the wonderful view of the Nile at your lodge. Staying at Paraa lodge will bring you closer to nature as you will see animals roaming around the lodge, getting access to this lodge will need you to cross the Nile by a ferry. If you are lodging at Red Chilli, you will cross the Nile as you head for your evening game drive.

But as you are on the ferry, you will catch a glimpse of the evergreen vegetation, wild animals like hippos, elephants, crocodiles and many others, bird species making different sounds that will make you see them at the first spot and finally the water falls at a distance will make you love the area. As you return to your lodge for dinner, you will delight in the sunset which will be a wonderful moment in your life. If you are staying at Paraa lodge, you will enjoy the sunset while on the veranda of the lodge and if at Red Chilli you will get a beautiful view of the Nile while having your dinner. The encounter is worth your time as you reflect on the beauty of the wilderness. While in the park, the silence is broken by the sounds of the wild animals at a distance. Return to your lodge for dinner and overnight at either of the lodges below;

Budget Accommodation:Global Village Guest House/Red Chilli Camp
Moderate Accommodation:Sambiya River Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:Nile Safari Lodge/Paraa Safari Lodge
Super Luxury Accommodation:Chobe Safari Lodge

Day  2:
Have breakfast very early in the morning and proceed for your game drive. Your tour guide will take you to the best spot where animals are easily seen. You will enjoy the true wilderness of Uganda as you take the best pictures that will be memorable on your safari. The most exciting is to see the lion, lioness and the cubs along with other animals like elephants roaming around the savannah and the beautiful giraffes grazing. Return to your lodge for lunch and rest.

After lunch, we continue to the best spot of Murchison Falls National Park for our safari. The boat launch trip welcomes us to the Nile offering us a great opportunity to see various kinds of wildlife. You will see large concentration of crocodiles; hippos cooling off the heat and other animals like antelopes, buffaloes, elephants and bird species like storks, fish eagles and much more. The most amazing thing is that the boat moves slowly giving you a chance to take the best pictures of the animals chilling in the water and those surrounding the lake. You are free to ask the boat guide to stop at any point just in case you see something interesting.
The falls are so thrilling as you enjoy the thrust of the water. The river is approximately 50meters above the falls, flowing via a 7 meter gorge along with falls tumbling down 43 meters. The thud is loud and the scenery makes one appreciate nature at its best. Looking at the Nile crocodiles basking in the sun and hippos playing in the water will be of great experience. As you finalize your Journey back to your lodge, you will still see animals that visit the lake in the evenings. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Day 3 Murchison Falls to Kibale Forest:
Have breakfast early morning at your lodge and off to Kibale Forest, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside that will make your journey exciting. Have lunch and get to Fort portal. Arrive in Kibale and check in to your desired lodge, for example Ndali lodge, Chimp nest lodge which are budget and Kibale Primate Lodge which is luxury. Right after checking in, we go for a nocturnal walk in Kibale forest. This will be adventurous as you will see some rare animals that are hard to see during day for example the Potto and the bushbabies. Return to the lodge and rest at:

Budget Accommodation:Ruwenzori View Guest House/Chimpanzee Guest House
Moderate Accommodation:Chimp Nest Lodge
Luxury Accommodation:Primate Lodge/Ndali Lodge/Mountains of the moon
Super Luxury Accommodation:Kyaninga Lodge

Day 4 Kibale Forest:
Wake up very early morning for breakfast and after that proceed to Kibale Forest National Park for trekking or tracking the Chimpanzees. Along the way your guide will help you see other primates, bird species and different kinds of vegetation. Kibale forest is one fascinating place Where to find chimps in Ugandafamous for various primates and many crater lakes in Uganda. Your morning will be a blessing as you see the chimpanzees in their natural habitat. These creatures are as well exciting and getting a closer look will be memorable on your trip. Have lunch and leave for Mweya peninsula of Queen Elizabeth National Park. We get there late in the afternoon and check in to your desired lodge either Mweya lodge up market or Simba safari camp budget. A well deserved dinner and rest.

Day 5:Queen Elizabeth Park Wildlife Safari:

Early morning breakfast and off for the game drive. You will see various kinds of wildlife as you take pictures of them. If you are a fun of birds, you will enjoy their sounds and these move in large groups. As you drive through the park, you will delight in the breathtaking scenery of the crater lakes for example Nyamununka Lake that attracts many animals and birds especially flamingos. Have lunch and get ready for the afternoon boat ride on the Kazinga channel. At this spot, you will be able to see all kinds of animals that you failed to see on your game drive for instance large concentration of hippos, crocodiles cooling off the heat, elephants and buffaloes coming for water. You will see various bird species making all kind of sounds that will actually put a smile on your face. You will experience the true wilderness of Uganda as you enjoy your boat ride. Return to your lodge and rest.

Budget Accommodation: Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp/Mweya Hostel
Moderate Accommodation: Simba Safari Camp/Ihamba Safari Lodge/Bush lodge
Luxury Accommodation: Kyambura Game Lodge/Mweya Safari Lodge/Katara Lodge

Day 6 Queen Elizabeth Park – Night Game Drive, Bat Cave and Chimpanzee tracking:

Right after breakfast, you delight in the sunrise over the Kazinga Channel and head to Kyambura Gorge for chimpanzee tracking. It will be a forest walk guided by a ranger who will take you to the best spots where chimpanzees are found. Seeing them in their natural habitat is such an exhilarating moment, its one safari that everyone ought to encounter in Uganda. Have our packed lunch and continue to Maramagambo Forest for the bat cave. It’s acknowledged to be a home to thousands of pythons and fruit bats. Your tour guide will take you to the caves as he explains its origin. Maramagambo is a simple word that means end of words and this was witnessed by a group of tourists who had lost their way in the forest and when they were found, they wouldn’t explain what they had seen because it was breathtaking.

Right after visiting the forest, we return to the lodge for dinner and get ready for the nocturnal game drive which is optional. This is quite interesting as you will be able to see animals that can’t be seen during  day. It may be hard to take pictures but a look at the animals will be worthwhile. As you move around the park at night, you will only hear sounds of animals and birds.

Day 7 Proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for Mountain Gorillas:

Have an early morning breakfast and continue to Bwindi. On our way, we may be blessed to see the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha region of the park.Other breathtaking views will include tea growing, banana plantations and the evergreen vegetation  that will make the journey more interesting until we reach our destination.  Check in to your desired lodge for lunch and some bit of resting after such a long journey. How much a gorilla safari costs will depend on the type of accommodation you opt for. Gorilla trekking packing list is a must, you ought to have the right safari gear that will enable you track the gorillas. In the afternoon, we take a nature walk and see other mammals and bird species guided by a ranger. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Budget Accommodation: Nshongi Gorilla Resort / Buhoma Community Rest Camp / Bwindi View Bandas
Moderate Accommodation: Wagtail Safari Camp / Lake Kitandara Tented Camp/ Gift Of Nature Lodge/Trekker’s Tavern Cottages/ Buhoma Community Rest Camp
Luxury Accommodation: Gorilla Resort Lodge / Silverback Lodge / Buhoma Lodge / Gorilla Safari Lodge
Super Luxury Accommodation: Clouds Lodge/Mahogany Springs Lodge/Gorilla Forest Camp

Day 8 – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Gorilla:
Right after your early morning breakfast, we go to the headquarters for briefing and meet our rangers that will take us around the forest Adventure with the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forestto track the Mountain gorillas. Among the gorilla families in Bwindi include; Rushegura, Kyaguriro, Oruzogo, Habinyanja, Nshongi, Bitukura, Mubare, Nkuringo and Kahungye. Tracking or trekking the gorillas in Bwindi may take the whole day or perhaps a few hours depending on where they have been the previous day. They keep moving and can’t stay in the same place for so long. I can’t explain the feeling you will get when you see the gorillas face to face. The experience is worth your time and you are asked to give a distance of about 5 meters and see them do their daily routine work of playing, resting and feeding the young ones. Gorilla trekking with children is allowed although they must be above 15 years of age. Elderly people trekking the gorillas is as well possible, they often track the Rushegura group of gorillas because they are close to the forest. The walk will be so adventurous as you go through the forest and see a stream of water, valleys, ridges and some wild animals apart from the mountain gorillas. Some level of physical fitness is required to enable you track the gorillas. After such a wonderful experience return to your lodge and rest. Depending on time, you may go for a village walk to see the pigmies and how they have been able to survive in Bwindi. They are known as the Batwa people, these will entertain you with their cultural dance and still get a chance to see how they make their local brew, visit women handcraft shop, community school and meet their traditional healer.

DAY 9: Have breakfast and proceed to Lake Mburo National Park.
On your way, you will be delighted by the various hills, fields of onion growing, plantations, cattle grazing and the evergreen vegetation making your journey so interesting. Arrive at the park and check in to your lodge for instance Mantana lodge, Arcadia lodge and Mihingo lodge. They are up market and budget and so the choice will be yours to choose where to stay. You will enjoy a wonderful view of the zebras and impalas roaming around the lodge as you have your dinner. The afternoon is set for a boat cruise; you will get a chance to see various wildlife right from the crocodiles, hippos, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes and various kinds of bird species. Your cruise will be fulfilling  and memorable after having a glance at all these wildlife. You can continue with an evening walk and still see animals around the park. Return to your lodge for dinner and rest.

Budget Accommodation: Rwonyo Camp
Moderate Accommodation: Arcadia Cottages
Luxury Accommodation: Mantana Tented Camp
Super Luxury Accommodation: Mihingo Lodge

Day 10 Safari Comes To An End:

As we finalize this adventurous safari, we have breakfast and go for an early morning game drive. You will get a chance to see lots of zebras, warthog, antelopes, Impalas and many others in their natural habitat. Remember to carry a nice camera that will give you better pictures of the true wilderness of Uganda.  Check out of your lodge and drive off to Kampala. Have lunch in Masaka. The next stop over is at Nabusanke Trading center and take photos at the Equator; you can as well purchase souvenirs. If you have time, you can still stop at Mpambire and see the Buganda Royal Drum Makers. You can appreciate their culture by buying some of their crafts. Proceed to Kampala and arrive at your booked Hotel if you don’t have a flight that day. You may opt to visit the vibrant nightlife of Kampala, where the party never ends. You will enjoy drinking and dancing with the friendly Ugandans. Clubs play all kinds of music; your night in Kampala will be memorable. Our guide will drive you back to your lodge and rest.

Safari Price Include: Park Entrance Fees, English Speaking Driver, Bottled Drinking Water, Fuel, Lodging and Food, Permits as applicable and Cultural site Entrance Fees.
Not included on the Safari: Uganda Visa Costs, Tips, Air Travel and non alcohol drinks.