Special Offers to see the Mountain Gorillas

By Calah Moira

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gorilla trek uganda

Uganda Gorilla Trekking and Tours 3 days

Suits those with little time to visit the Mountain Gorillas of Africa. Visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for the exciting gorilla tour in Uganda.

see gorillas of Rwanda

Rwanda Tours and Gorilla Trekking 3 days

A typical Rwanda gorilla tour ; Trek Parc des Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, see the mountain gorillas and stop by in Kigali for city tours before you head home.

primates of Uganda

Gorillas Uganda& Chimps 6 days

Mountain Gorilla tracking is the major activity done in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. From there you will head for a Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest.

gorilla trek in Rwanda

Uganda Gorilla Trek- Chimps 7 days

Visit gorillas in Bwindi for easy gorilla trekking, Kibale for primates and other wildlife tours in Uganda. See various monkey species and lots of birds.

gorilla berengei safaris

Gorilla Watching &Primates 10 days

See the primates of Uganda, the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, the Chimpanzees in Kibale forest as well as baboons and monkey variants in Uganda.

gorillas giant face

Gorilla Safari in Uganda& Wildlife Tours 15 days

See the very best of Uganda’s tourist attractions, The Mountain gorilla in Bwindi topping the list. Combine your gorilla trek with other wildlife safaris in Uganda.