Photo Safaris in Uganda

By Calah Moira

Uganda Wildlife Photography Safari Trips

gorilla photo safariCustomized as well as Private Photo Safaris within Uganda with only your schedule to honor! We design Safaris  basing on your personal preferences and desires.

Wildlife, Primates like Gorillas and Chimpanzees, Birds, the beautiful Scenery, the Ugandan People are all part of what you will photograph.

Uganda is the best destination to have Amateur or even Professional Photography safari as it offers the finest shots ranging from Tree Climbing Lions, Mountain Gorillas to the impressive Ugandan children as well as the diverse scenery of this African country.

It is only your schedule we have to honor as you personally design your safari.  You inform us of what you prefer to photograph and we surely get you there.  The safari vehicle goes and stops wherever you want. There is no moving from unless you choose to, there isn’t need to move from one animal group to another.

Taking a  Photo Safari with us will guarantee the following to your service

A   4X4 WD vehicle with a pop-up-roof and wide non-tinted windows that nicely open up. all your equipment will be packed in the vehicle so  there is no need to worry that you may loss it to someone else’s property.  Since this is your since this is a private Photo-Safari in Uganda the vehicle will solely be yours so you don’t have to worry about other people joining you in the vehicle.  Using a bean bag / a window mount you can rest your camera on for clear as well as steady shots of whatever will be in front of you whether it is the beautiful scenery, a Lion or a giraffe.

A private English-Speaking Guide:  he will be very knowledgeable about the needs of any  photographer and his only agenda will be to ensure that you acquire the finest Photo opportunities through this safari.  He will basically be Sensitive to your preferences and will drive the vehicle following your instructions to enable you have great pictures.

Private Boat Rides:  Safaris to areas like the Murchison Falls and the Kazinga Channel found in Queen Elizabeth Park, Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo and Lake Bunyonyi as well as any other areas with large water bodies, we can organize private motorized-boats rides or canoes rides to offer you  privacy as well.

Private Nature Walks:  We organize private walks in several instances.  In this instance a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to see the impressive Mountain gorillas.  Most times this safari will a private walk   accompanied by a knowledgeable Ugandan guide conversant with the area, the wildlife as well as can be able to highlight some other things you could have missed out.


    Advantages of a Private Photo Safaris 

 african safari photographyPrivacy:  It is only you plus the people you came with.  Because you are the lone occupants, there is no pushing around for position with other people on the safari.

Time:  There is no rush to go over the next bend or particular emphasis on only the emphasis on the “Big Five” game of Africa, however whichever animal or stunning scene you may want to photograph.  In case you rather spend an hour or so at a particular spot, it will happen. In order to get the finest shots of any animal you see, one of the fundamental requirements is patience.  Dissimilar to the usual safaris this is not based on how many wild animals you see on a single game drive but rather getting the best photo shots particular for animals like antelopes and lions.

You have utmost Independence:  in case you don’t complete everything in a day, adjustments can be made if needed to ensure that all your preferences are met.  Frequently this is not needed, but because we aim at making sure that you acquire the photographic shots you want, adjustments are possible.

Your Choice of Wildlife, Birds, Scenery and People:  this choice is all left to you to make.

Your Electrical wants:  We will ensure that all your equipment are properly charged and make an effort to see to it that the charging your equipment is done daily.  Lest there be an emergency, there is an inverter in the vehicle which you can use to charge your batteries plus cameras.


How does one go about creating a Private Photo Safari just for you:

Dates:  inform us of the number of days you have at hand.

Number of People taking part:  The size of your travel companions dictates the type of safari vehicle we will avail you.

The Wildlife, Primates, Scenery and Birds You are interested in photographing:  That will state the areas we shall be going to.  In case you have any precise places inform us.

Accommodations:  In most case you the choices available are budget, mid-range / moderate as well as luxury Lodging

All this information can be availed on the contact page on which you can directly reach us.  In case you have any particular questions, feel free to ask  them through the customer service availed  on our  website travel page.


Camera to Use on an African Safari

photo trip AfricaIn case you require a list highlighting the equipment to carry along, inform me know and I will forward you the best lenses you need and where you can rent some or even buy them.  Camera equipment is quite heavy so in case you are traveling  from North America you will receive a better baggage-allowance; it is advised to keep all expensive items in your personal carry-on luggage together with the additional related items in checked-in luggage.

Photographic Safaris basically take small groups on private photographic tours to a number of Africa’s most renowned wildlife destinations, such as Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya.

We provide small group exceptionality with 3 photographers in each  vehicle, on our safaris to South Africa and just 2 people per vehicle in  Kenya and Tanzania safaris, our tours offer an entirely different encounter with minimal movement, fewer decisions as well as less noise.

The importance of being one in a very small group is massive. It allows you to have quality time with the impressive animals, have plenty of room for your equipment as well as guarantee access to the two sides of the vehicle, in addition to one to one guidance time with your safari guide, knowledgeable about wildlife photography and nature guide as well as owner of WILD4;Stu Porter.

Stu’s key focus on these safaris is to assist you with your photography. Fortunately He will tutor you how to gain full control of your camera such that each aspect of every photograph is well thought through prior to pressing the shutter button. Being a thoughtful photographer is vital to improving the eminence of your photo images.

Our tours are enjoyed by persons with a great interest in not just wildlife but  photography as well, and encompass all levels, from amateurs  to advanced professionals.

Comfy en-suite accommodation offering recharging facilities is typical on all our tours.

A blend of packed breakfasts as well as lunches to enable us best maximize our time in the wild. Buffet style plus home cooked delicious dinners are served in the restaurants or just outdoors.

Join us today on a unique and creative photographic adventure; you take the photographs and we do of the rest!