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By Calah Moira

child volunteering in UgandaSpend one or more Life memorable Weeks in the middle of Africa building creating relationships, empowering buildings like wells, classrooms, latrines, medical facilities, or teaching in classrooms, tutoring and so much more.

There are approximately 800,000 visitors that travel to Uganda annually. 5000,000 of these are not the common type of tourist, but instead visit to do short-term volunteer work trips.  These travel from different parts of the world for short term mission voyages, some are medical volunteers, from civic organizations, people on church outreach trips, and they all visit with a heart to offer help and to do something that well impacts this world, to help Africa, make a difference in the different lives of the needy living in Uganda. In addition to your wildlife safari, or gorilla trekking tour, you can do some volunteer work to help with the livelihood of the people of Uganda and Rwanda.

The most exceptional thing about these volunteer work trips is that people who come here benefit much more than even those they come to offer assistance, empower, or create a developmental project for.   ‘Life changing’ is some of the words one hears as they talk to different people who have been on work trip teams in Uganda.


Who Qualifies as a Volunteer Team?

The answer is quite simple.  A single person with an open heart can make a team.  Uganda receives several individuals from all parts of the world including Africa that travel to Uganda and offer themselves to assist t whose that lack so much.  In addition we receive teams from various churches that are interested in short visit mission projects including vacation Bible School, groups of friends that prefer to teach children as well as adults on how to read.  In addition, there are University Teams and Civic Groups that send teams, or groups of people that form  medical teams, the possibilities are never-ending.


All it needs is a heart, the will to carry out something, and a little financial investment.  No particular skills are essential in most instances, except the wish to well impact someone’s being and get them richer within due to your personal investment of your time.  The rewards are beyond measure and you will certain discover the difference.


What kind of Opportunities are currently available?

volunteer schools teaching Teaching Opportunities:

There are numerous schools within Uganda, the challenge is that the student: teacher ratio can be one teacher : 100 pupils in some areas.  This shows that the teaching opportunities are endless so you can always teach in the different schools.  We have an affiliated organization with which  we cooperate that manages catch-up schools for a number of children, empowering the children that have not been able to attended school, or those that have dropped out from education.  a great deal of the curriculum is actually taught in English, so the opportunity is really there for any one with various rewards  awaiting your arrival  to Uganda.  Classroom setting in Uganda are so different and student offer their teacher a lot of respect so these students will be very attentive and eager to learn.  This is a very rewarding experience Uganda.



because  children are normally in large classrooms they actually do not get  the special input of the teacher, so you can help  a child by offering your individual input in subjects like English, writing, math, reading, as well as other basics. This will make every one very grateful, including the children’s guardians and parents, the children and even the teachers.


Libraries and Reading:

basically Ugandans usually read no other literature except for textbooks which they read ideally to excel in their exams. It is not a common practice that people here read for pleasure.  There are very few bookstores plus libraries that lending out books to the Ugandan people.  In case a school has a library, most of the books are actually kept by teachers under lock – and – key.  For that reason, the Children do not get an opportunity to grow up while reading literature that would help to develop their imagination as well as their inner horizon. Sadly, majority of the Ugandan children do not have a culture of read for fun. A number of people and or groups have come with boxes of books specifically for children and this has very much helped enriching their imagination and development.  This wonderful gesture can actually be done by anyone that can afford to distribute these books and also teach the young Ugandan children how to read by reading to them the stories from these books while in their classroom.


Sports Volunteering

Ugandan Children enjoy sports, however the opportunities are not commonly available in the different schools other than of football or soccer.  Each boy will actually be knowledgeable about the star footballers of the British Premier Football-teams and yet they never actually experienced any fun game of volleyball or even dodge ball.  Establishing a sports clinic for these children would be a very great opportunity for them.  It merely requires a few basic equipment like net as well as balls and then you have the project running.  A soccer clinic that organizes training and matches with a few prizes for the winning team would be a great reward to these children.


 Community Projects

Such wonderful opportunities are plentiful in rural Uganda as well as in the slum areas of Kampala city or Jinja town and may impact the entire community.  among the various projects you can start in Uganda include Personal hygiene, breastfeeding, family planning, HIV-AIDS prevention, first-aid training, Malaria Prevention projects, nutrition, parenting skills, and much more, cultivating  a garden in plastic containers, training on livestock farming,  literacy projects, business skills, small business to empower women, ethical training, resume writing, teaching English, the sky is the limit.


Medical Volunteering in Uganda

medical volunteering in UgandaDoctors as well as nurses actually make very little money in Uganda and this has resulted to a number of them going to other countries like the UK, South Africa as well as other countries that recognize their degrees awarded from Uganda.  For that reason therefore, there is a deficiency of well skilled medical personnel in Uganda, and medical services are today costing a lot of money which many Ugandans cannot actually afford.  Among the various medical services greatly needed in this country are diabetes screening, blood pressure check-ups, and dental care.  Medical groups have actually assisted a very large number of Ugandans with these simple medical procedures which have reduced their great suffering.  In case you can spare a few days in a year and travel to Uganda to spend some great time here and assist these people it would be a wonderful gesture to these people. Regardless of your medical skills you will be of great value to the local people here and your inputs will be well appreciated as a team of medical personnel or as a single contributor.


 Slum Children Projects

help children plus women by breaking the poverty cycle by being part of Ugandans life through offering giving them some of your life-skills, or business skills, or child sponsorship, or even educational opportunities. This will help build an inner admiration that will enable them to approach the otherwise impossible obstacles that would help them get out of their miserable slum life.


 Vocational Training

these include cooking as well as food preparation, auto mechanics, hospitality training, electrical, carpentry, customer service, plumbing, training in particular computer program, small appliance repair, repair of cell phones, computer skills, solar power, computer repair, and many others.


Vacation Bible Schools

A blend of the spiritual as well as fund for the young children.  Puppets are well appreciated as well as children will be able to learn.  Faith is a major component of Ugandans lives, however understanding best their faith from the biblical viewpoint is often done basing on sermons as well as teachings.  Teaching the young children how to read the Bible has wonderful long – term consequences that better groom the children and make them better citizens of the country.

Fire Prevention Training:  every year several school dormitories are subjected to fires and in a few cases several children die with one outstanding instance that saw the death of more than 20 children. However such kinds of fires can actually be avoided and also the deaths prevented through properly training the people, conducting fire drills, as well as teaching people about the extinguishing of various fires and coming up with evacuation plans.

Construction Work and Building

New construction, repair works, roofing, which are tiles or corrugated – iron sheets, classrooms, kitchen facilities, plumbing repair, dormitory construction, construction of pit latrines, as well as many more.


As you have realized there are several opportunities that are never-ending and the above are examples of the different volunteer that you can do while in Uganda, and certainly the answer is almost anyone can help these people so you are welcome this year to specially experience Africa as well as to encounter the various communities of people in Uganda the pearl of Africa. You can always free write to me your ideas, preference as well as abilities and I will assist you see to it that your help is extended to Ugandan.

Impact the world with a brief volunteer / mission trip to Uganda and unveil the different situation experienced by the Ugandan people.


In case you are interested in this, spare some time off and read through the following pages and become an Agent of Change for the well being of this World this very year as you start with a Volunteer Trip to the pearl of Africa – Uganda.